After installation

Congrats! IntISP is now installed, however it needs to be configured.

If you installed IntISP locally you can just visit http://localhost or enter the IP of the server.

You will see an installation guide that looks like the screenshot below.

When you see this page click the “Install VXX” button.

After you will see the requirements page appear. You will not be able to continue until all the requirements have been met. If the configuration file does not exist you will need to click on the “Touch Config File” link. Make sure that “/var/www/html/config.php” is persistent or you will keep having to restart this installation.


When everything is ok you will see a screen like this.

Press Next, when you are able to then accept our license agreement to continue the process.

After you will a screen that looks like the one below, enter your MySQL details but leave Database Name as it is. Also make sure that the Site URL is correct.

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