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Authentic, Secure, Handcrafted API for developers and partners.

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Adaclare Partners with major different companies to add to our growing networks.



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We give out free Adaclare Hosting and Products to Open source companies in need. We hope you will try our advanced solutions today.


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  • Adaclare technologies is one of the best API I used. They have a nice api to track who owns a version of intISP or other Adaclare Products. They use a simple 200 message to automatically to me that it processed a value correctly.

    Joe Diana
    Adaclare Customer
  • We integrate adaclare API inside of our website. As part of website, we like to resell adaclare products as it gives us 30% of our money. Its also really cheap to sign up for an adaclare developer account as it is completely free

    Josh Anderson
    Adaclare Partner
  • A fine example of atomic design brought to life.

    Gill Sans
    Adaclare Customer

There's so much to love

A remarkably versatile API packed with features.

Unique Concepts

Adaclare API is always going to have multiple ways of doing things. We do not stay on one way.

Infinite Potential

We decided to give our partners free hosting, so they can learn how adaclare products work and integrate it into there software and company. We also give out free small gifts.

Developer Friendly

We haven't forgotten developers, that's why our code is extremely clean. We use an advanced stype checking bot, that will automatically check the code to see if there is any design flaws.