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    Introducing Xoom Server Operating System

    A complete Container based operating system powered on linux.

    Build an awesome server using Adaclare Technologies.

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    Welcome to a new web hosting control panel

    Webister is the all new hosting control panel

    Now allows multiple resellers and many different features. Check out our new hosting control panel.

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    XFramework by Adaclare

    A new framework that lets you do it all

    Now you can build anything using our framework and our operating system.


Adaclare is working to host and create in 2018

Hosting Plans

Need automated setup? Dont have a server? Our hosting plans are great and simple. You can run our products or our API.


Per Month

  • 1000 MB Bandwidth
  • 1000 MB online storage
  • No support
  • 1 Domain

Per Month

  • 4000 Bandwidth
  • 4000 MB online storage
  • One Year support
  • 4 Domains

Per Month

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 10000 MB online storage
  • Three Year support
  • Unlimited Databases
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Built by people, just for you.

Adaclare is run by 1 owner, 2 co owners, and 2 admins. This is a great way for our company to grow in size. We work with other major companies to create a better internet and more electronic solutions.

Our Projects will always be:

  • Configurable

    We will use a wide range of API libraries and integrate into most platforms. We plan to expand and add an update system so you will know when your project needs updating. Our tools plus your company means you will always be using reliable services.

  • Responsive

    When you are away or on a trip, you can manage your product with any device. We work with most Iphone products, android products, PC, and Linux. Most users that go on websites are from mobile users allowing you to make more money with our products

  • Secure

    We take security very seriously on Adaclare. Expect high security demands on our platform, this is a good way to ensure you are always protected.

Adaclare Minecraft Servers


We combine 5-6 servers and created a super server. It should be able to handle 100+ players.

Servers are Monitored
  • We monitor the servers to make sure they are not laggy.
No Tracking
  • We do not track anyone and in anyway on our minecraft server. That's a good thing right?
Social Data
  • We always post information updates on our social network, so make sure to check that out
Enterprise Servers
  • Our military grade datacenter makes security easily!!